Laboratory Volunteers

We always welcome undergraduate student volunteers in our lab.  It is a great way to get some additional lab experience and to generally learn a little more chemistry.  Please contact Rosalie if you are interested.  Generally I say that students should commit for at least 6 weeks (longer is better) to make the experience worth-while and for us to get to know you.

Honours in Chemistry

If you have completed a 3rd year major in Chemistry with a credit average then you are eligible to enrol in honours.  In special circumstances we may accept students who do not quite meet this criteria so please contact us for more information and to discuss projects.

Honours in Interdisciplinary Science

If you have a major in a related subject, engineering, maths, physics, biology, geology, marine biology, generally with a minor in chemistry again with a credit average then you maybe eligible to enrol in Honours in Interdisciplinary science.

Much of the problems of the 21st century involve problems that combine more than one discipline as such we welcome students with different background in science, who are keen to work on the problems addressed by our lab.

Australian PhD Students (includes New Zealanders and Australian Permanent Residents)

You first need to apply for admission to a PhD degree at James Cook University, and also for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA). Information about applications is available at the following web site.


International PhD Students

You first need to apply for admission to a PhD degree at James Cook University, and also for a scholarship to cover your fees and living expenses (an IPRS scholarship). Competition for IPRS scholarship is intense, and you will generally need a good first-class Honours degree or equivalent usually with some publications.

For more information see:


Postdoctoral Fellows

Prospective postdoctoral fellows should consider applying for various fellowships available.